Established in 1987, English Department has more than 240 undergraduates at college currently.  In order to meet the diversified demands for foreign language talents, this department is dedicated to cultivating practical and versatile talents. In the process of teaching, both the training of English basic skills and the application of professional knowledge are emphasized. After four years of learning and practice, our students can obtain quite sound basic skills, extensive knowledge, perfect language practice capability, innovative spirit and sustainable potential for development. They can work in the fields like foreign economic relations, foreign trade, enterprises, culture, education, scientific research and tourism as translators, interpreters, teachers and managers.

 There are 14 full-time teachers now and they all have master degrees and more than half of them are studying for or have already got the doctoral degree. Besides, our department employs excellent teachers from Wellesley College, a well-known American womens college, to teach some courses in our college. It has formed school-running characteristic of high quality of teaching, sound professional basic knowledge and excellent social adaptation ability. The passing rate of TEM-4 and TEM-8 in our department is always higher than many other foreign language colleges and universities in China. Our students have got prizes in national English speech, debate and writing contests for many times.

Our department has already established long-term cooperative relationships with many local universities in USA and Canada. Every year we choose outstanding students from juniors and send them to Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada and Tiffin University in America for one-year study. We also recommend outstanding graduates to directly go to Valparaiso University for further study.