North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

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 Students Exchange Program between Ginling College and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University NCA&TSUwas founded in 1891 in the city of Greensboro, which is close to the city of Charlotte, the most important center of finance, trade and transportation in southeastern U. S. NCA&TSU covers an area of over 200 mu and has over 600 mu of university experimental farms. At present, there are more than 10,000 students and 2170 faculty members. NCA&TSU offers 117 bachelor’s degrees and 58 master's and doctoral degrees. It is one of the state universities subsidized by United States Department of Agriculture. Meanwhile, it is also certified by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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Introduction to Students Exchange Program

Ginling College and NCA&TSU signed Undergraduates Exchange Program Agreement in August, 2011. The program provides students in our college with opportunities to exchange and study in an American university, which broadens students’ horizons, expands their professional fields, improves their English, lays a good foundation for further studies abroad and creates favorable conditions for working in foreign companies both at home and abroad. Students who major in food science are welcome to participate in the students exchange program.

(1) Enrollment Number: 2-4 students majoring in food science in Ginling College (sophomore and junior year)

(2) Nature of studying abroad: Students study abroad on a government tuition-free sponsorship and are only responsible for food and accommodation expenses.

(3) Study period: 1 year

(4) Major courses: With the recognition of our provost's office, some courses completed in NCA&TSU can substitute for corresponding major courses in NNU.

(5) Credit transfer system: Credits obtained in NCA&TSU can be accepted and recorded by NNU if they accord with our requirements.

(6) NCA&TSU’s opening date: Fall Semester starts from August 11 (Saturday) and ends on  December 7 (Friday); Spring semester starts on January 8 (Sunday) and ends on May 11 (Friday).

(7) Opportunity for further study: Undergraduates in this program have the priority for further study in NCA&TSU and will get support on tuition and visa application from NCA&TSU.