Tiffin University

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 Undergraduate Cooperative Teaching Program and Master Access Program between Ginling College and Tiffin University

Tiffin University, founded in 1888, is a private higher education institution in Tiffin, Ohio, United States. It offers first-class undergraduate and graduate degree courses on business management, criminal law, humanities, social science and science.

Tiffin university is one of American formal universities first approved and published by Chinese Ministry of Education.

Website for certification: http://www.jsj.edu.cn/mingdan/tjyx20.htm

1. Undergraduate Cooperative Teaching Program

Students mainly study in Nanjing Normal University (NNU) while taking study in Tiffin university as a supplement; they mainly focus on obtaining the graduation and degree qualifications in NNU while taking the acquisition of learning qualification in Tiffin University as a supplement. The core content of this plan is that according to relevant curriculum settings of our college, NNU accepts the credits of compulsory and elective courses completed in Tiffin University. In this program, Tiffin University puts forward the following specific learning proposals:

(1) Chinese students should study in Tiffin University for one to two semesters and take at least four courses each semester.

(2) The range of course selection is set according to NNU’s major requirements and courses offered by Tiffin University during the corresponding semester.

(3) Tiffin University’s Bachelor's degree certificate can be obtained with 30 credits of major courses .

(4) Tiffin University’s minor degree certificate can be obtained with15 credits of major courses .

(5) Scholarship=25% of the tuition fees+25% of the food and accommodation expenses at college (Tiffin University increases the amount of scholarship according to students’ academic performance with a maximum of 35%.

(6) Chinese students should pay tuition and other fees when registering at Tiffin University.

2. Summer School Program for Undergraduates

(1) Content: ①A three-credit course; ②Visits; ③Travel.

(2) TimeLate July to mid-August, a total of 5 weeks.

(3) Scale8-20 students.

3. Master Access Project

Graduates from our college’s related majors and other colleges who meet the admission criteria can obtain the test-free opportunity to study for master degrees in Tiffin University when recognized and recommended by NNU and approved by Tiffin University.