Mount Saint Vincent University

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 Students Exchange Program between Ginling College and Mount Saint Vincent University

 Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is located in Halifax, capital of Nova Scotia, along the Atlantic coast in eastern Canada. Halifax is a beautiful port city and Canada's gateway to Europe. It is the world's second largest natural ice-free port and the key location of the St. Lawrence River’s transport in North America. Also, it is the most important economic, political and cultural center on Canada's east coast.

MSVU was originally established for women training by two sisters of Roman church. It developed into a university in 1967 and began to admit male students. So far, male students have accounted for 20%. However, the university still holds the main guiding ideology which aims at providing higher education for women. According to the university rankings on the Maclean’s Magazine, MSVU is one of the top 15 basic bachelor universities.

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Introduction to Students Exchange Program

Ginling College and MSVU signed Undergraduates Exchange Program Agreement in 2000. The program provides students in our college with opportunities to exchange and study in an American university, which broadens students’ horizons, expands their professional fields, improves their English, lays a good foundation for further studies abroad and creates favorable conditions for working in foreign companies both at home and abroad. Students from all majors are welcome to participate in the students exchange program.

1Enrollment Number: 5 students from Ginling College (junior year only)

2Nature of Studying Abroad: Students study abroad on a government tuition-free sponsorship and are only responsible for food and accommodation expenses.

3Study period: 1 year

4Major courses: With the recognition of NNU’s provost’s office, some courses completed in MSVU can substitute for corresponding major courses in NNU. In Canada, an academic year is divided into four semesters. Fall and winter semester each has four months; spring and summer semester each has two months. Students can take 3 to 5 courses during a semester. However, students in exchange program can only take 10 free courses. If they want to take more courses, they need to pay additional fees, CND $1000 per course.

5Credit transfer system: Credits obtained in MSVU can be accepted and recorded by NNU if they accord with NNU’s requirements.